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Outdoor and indoor advertising is a 200 billion dollar industry. Competition among advertisers for the attention of prospective customer observers is intense. Advertisers face three major problems. First, how can they stand out among all of the competing advertiser's clutter within the observer's field of vision? Many potential observers do their best to “tune out” the cacophony of usual displays vying for their attention. Second, once noticed, how can advertisers hold observer attention long enough to impart their message? Observers who are paying attention are usually time-sharing this attention among the various presentations to determine if there is one of interest. And third, how can advertisers make a lasting impression of their message upon the observer? There is therefore a need in the market for a new and novel display concept that is eye-catching, curious, artistic, informative and pleasing to look at. The display should inspire observer curiosity by its presentation method and thereby achieve increased observer attention span and post exposure message retention.


The TAAAG (TM) is a new revolutionary eye-catching invention of doing indoor and outdoor billboards, signs and displays. The TAAAG is a new patented invention under Patent No. 7086187. The TAAAG utilizes multiple different size panels, each located and oriented at a different angle and orientation, all of which together form one coherent advertising image, logo, or design when looked at from a specific predetermined area or location.

Besides Patent No. 7086187 several related Provisional Patents have also been submitted and are Patent Pending. Mirror/Duplicate patents have already been requested for 23 European countries listed at the following link. http://www.epo.org/about-us/epo/member-states.html

Other International requests for Mirror/Duplicate patents have already been submitted for several other countries like Canada, while others are in the process of being submitted.







We also have a large portfolio of sample animations that we would be pleased to share with your company. If your company would like to know more about the product or would like a complimentary 3d animation designed specifically for your company, please feel free to contact us.

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The design for your first sign, billboard or display using the TAAAG(TM) invention is FREE. There are no obligations.

We are set up to design, manufacture and construct signs, billboards and displays using the TAAAG invention. Our company is currently partnering with several very well established sign, billboard and display companies. They all have full and complete resources to take care of all aspects of the project from permitting to manufacturing and construction. We also have several experts in the field of permitting that are able to advise on all permitting issues all over the United States.




What is the difference between using a TAAAG and a traditional sign/billboard or display?

Both the TAAAG and a traditional sign/billboard/display cost nearly the same, but because of the way a “TAAAG” is designed, it stands out among the other plain billboards/signs and attracts the viewer's attention. Also because of the pleasingly ambiguous way a TAAAG is designed, it raises the viewer's curiosity trying to decipher what he/she is looking at, which attracts the viewer's attention for a much longer duration. Therefore, if a standard billboard/sign attracts the attention of 60 viewers an hour, the TAAAG would attract the attention of double that number of people.

Furthermore, if a standard billboard/sign attracts the attention of the viewer for 2-3 seconds, the TAAAG is designed to attract the attention of the viewer for about 8-10 seconds, which imparts four times the information to the viewer due to the prolonged period of attention, thereby imprinting the required message in the memory of the viewer, which translates into a very powerful post exposure message retention, and thus is a VERY powerful BRANDING tool besides using it as a powerful advertising tool. Advertising executives quantified the value of the TAAAG by comparing the amount of " INFORMATION TRANSFER TO OBSERVERS".

The most conservative experts confirmed that if a traditional sign on a freeway is viewed by one person a minute, then a TAAAG would be observed by at least two observers a minute due to the curiosity factor built into the design.

Statistics confirm that an observer views a traditional billboard for 2-3 seconds. Therefore, the information transfer rate for the traditional billboard/sign is:

1 viewer multiplied by 3seconds of observation = 3 seconds of information transfer per minute, or

3 seconds per minute X 60 minutes = 180 seconds of information transfer per hour.

Advertising Executives whom observed the TAAAG animation designs confirmed that due to the curiosity factor, viewers would observe the TAAAG for at least 6-8 seconds.

Therefore as mentioned above, the information transfer rate for a TAAAG is :

2 viewers X 6 seconds of observation = 12 seconds of information transfer per minute, or

12 seconds per minute X 60 minutes = 720 seconds of information transfer per hour.

Therefore if the traditional billboard/sign provides 180 seconds of information transfer per hour, then the TAAAG provides 720 seconds of information transfer, and hence the TAAAG is equivalent to FOUR traditional billboards/signs/displays (720 / 180 = 4) while costing nearly the same.


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