US Map and Flag Monument

One of the very first projects discussed was to build a huge monument representing the map of The United States and having the picture of the US flag printed on it instead of the geographical features. This project could also be done with the map of The WORLD and the flags of ALL COUNTRIES.

The map of The United States is designed in several pieces, representing that we are composed of many states, but we are ALL united to form THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.



You might need to download the free "DivX" player from the Internet in order to be able to view this (avi) 3D animation file, or you might already have it on your computer. DivX is a VERY safe and well known software company. To download please go to http://www.divx.com and download "DivX for Windows 6.3. It takes a couple of minutes to download.

Since this is a large size (avi) file, you might need to wait for a couple of minute after the page downloads completely before the animation actually starts playing. If you have a pop-up blocker, you might need to click on "Temporarily Allow Pop-Ups" at the address bar at the top of the screen.


This 3D animation has been designed using realistic dimensions. As also shown below, the monument has been designed to be as large as possible within the capability of modern construction. The plates carrying parts of the US flag are going to be manufactured using Aluminum plates since Aluminum is the most rigid and light material available for such purpose. The top left piece of the map is designed to be about 57 feet wide by 45 feet high, connected with an Aluminum pole capable of carrying it in the air without much swaying. The total height of the structure is designed to be about 140 feet high, unless some construction company can provide the design for Aluminum poles that could be manufactured taller.
Left View
Right View

If your company would like to be part of this project and become one of the sponsors, please contact us at the address below. We welcome your questions, recommendations and suggestions. No decision have been made yet on how to include Alaska and Hawaii.

No decision have been made yet as to where to construct this monument. The first state to provide the land and the required permits would be the favorite state to receive the monument.


Sponsors needed:

Structural Engineers, Architects, Civil Engineering companies, Aluminum companies, Printing companies and any other companies that would like to sponsor such a great project.






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